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January 8, 2014: 21 Degrees Of Hot Celebs In Bikinis [PHOTOS]


Planning to get above freezing where you are in the USA? We won’t, either, but this set of hot celebrity bikini pics will warm you up. It turns out that the rich and famous live differently from the COED staff. While we freeze through our work week, ladies like Olivia Palermo, Kelly Rowland, AnnaLynne McCordRosie Huntington-WhiteleyCara Delevingne, and Charlize Theron run off to Barbados and Hawaii and even just Miami to enjoy some summer fun into the freezing winter.

None of them bothered to invite us along. That’s okay, though, because we’ve compiled a warm 21 degrees of candid photos of sexy supermodels and hot actresses enjoying their very hot lives. These are all pictures that have been taken between now and the days after that cold Christmas of 2013.

Well, with the exception of Selena Gomez and Jessica Alba. The pic of Selena was taken last October–when we still suffered a surprisingly really cold week here at the COED offices. The picture of Jessica is from last April. That was damn cold here at the home office in NYC, though, and…well, both the pictures of Selena and Jessica just seemed really important. That kind of thing really has to be saved for prosperity. Especially when we think about what’s warming up Selena now.

There’s a fine mix of bikini babes here, from famous actresses to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models to ladies you need to know better. Such as Jorgie Porter, who’s an English actress overdue to come to the States. There’s also Luisa Zissman, who’s currently staying warm on Big Brother UK while making out with Jasmine Waltz. So enjoy the pics, and we’ll understand if you’re a little distracted and end up staring at the warm sand. Yeah. We’ll understand that…

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