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The upcoming sports comedy Dumbbells follows Chris Long (Brian Drolet)–a former college hoops star whose NBA hopes get iced by a knee injury–as he bitterly ends up working at a Los Angeles gym that’s open for business “25/8—because 24/7 is for pussies!” That hardcore maxim sums up the philosophy and work habits of gym owner Jack Guy (Hoyt Richards) and it’s only hampered by his employees, clients, and every crackpot who happens by the rows of exercise equipment he wisely keeps stocked with stacked and stunning gym bunnies to drum up new customers.

Naturally, such sexy distractions take away from strength building and set in motion all kinds of comedic chaos. And we’re thrilled to see that it looks like we’ll be enjoying Dumbbells on the big screen, since it’s set to play NYC on January 10th. You’ll be wanting to check your local listings, too. Yes, we know that Dumbbells looks more like a serviceably raunchy gag-fest meant for late-night streaming or a Redbox rental. But we’re also being promised lots of sports-braless tank tops and some tight gym shorts on the film’s bevy of iron-pumping beauties. There’s also the cunningly comedic presence of COED favorite Mircea Monroe, who we don’t get to enjoy nearly enough on the big screen.

Plus, there is Fabio. Lots of Fabio. The flowing-maned ’90s beefcake icon, in fact, leads a supporting cast of show biz oddballs on the order of (former Urkel) Jaleel White, Andy Milonakis, Jay Mohr (fresh off unwisely insulting the lovely Alyssa Milano), Tom Arnold, genuine comedy legend Carl Reiner, and a professional Tom Cruise lookalike. A couple of generations back, this level of celebrity kept busy on The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Last decade, it was The Surreal Life. Now it’s cheapie T&A farces and, hey, we’re not complaining.

No doubt they aren’t, either, because Dumbbells is looking like some a fine throwback to a Golden Age. But we will note that things aren’t too golden in this fairly SFW work red band trailer, since the only real nudity is in a shower populated solely by guys. So, fair warning there.

COED Writer