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Alyssa Miller “Breaks Up” With Jake Gyllenhaal, Bares Bod [PHOTOS]


Alyssa Miller has reportedly broken up with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal after a six-month relationship. We can’t figure out how that happened. You’d think that a big name model like Alyssa Miller could hold on to a guy who dates babes like her fellow Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue alum Emily DiDonato, along with Jessica Lowndes and Taylor Swift. Why, we were absolutely certain that there were wedding bells in that guy’s future–said all of the people who’ve never met Jake Gyllenhaal in real life.

But we’re not here to make snide comments or imply anything. We’re simply here to look back at the recent work of Alyssa Miller. Yes, she has been very busy. The past few months have seen a flurry of hot Alyssa pics that would make any man (who wasn’t Jake Gyllenhaal) decide to put a ring on the striking supermodel’s hand. And other body parts if Alyssa would be into that, but we don’t know for sure if she is, and besides, we’re just joking–unless Alyssa is really into that, in which case we should really get together sometime.

Anyway, we’re presenting these fantastic 40 pics just so you can appreciate that Jake Gyllenhaal is the kind of stud who can look at a gal like this and say, “I, or perhaps my publicists, can do better.” Also see if you can guess which of these pics is the most likely to inspire Jake to say, “Do you know how to cook octopus just right? Slice it very thinly.” Not that we’re implying anything. We’re just happy for Jake–and for ourselves, since we’re looking at an officially single Alyssa again…

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