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Wonder Woman Might Be Armor-Clad for “Batman vs. Superman” [GALLERY]


Wonder Woman Figure

If you were hoping to see the classic beauty that is the female superhero Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman–well, you’ll have to keep on hoping. (Everyone’s still calling it Batman vs. Superman, right?)┬áThe latest reports indicate that plans are in the works to drastically alter the superhero’s iconic, form fitting uniform to something that’s a little more combat-friendly.

It seems that just about every classic superhero and villain in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie is getting some kind of fashion makeover. Writer and founder El Mayimbe wrote on his Twitter page that the costume designer came up with a new suit for Wonder Woman that looks nothing like “the Lynda Carter itty bitty outfit.” Instead, actress Gal Gadot will wear an outfit that has a bit more armor to protect those more delicate areas from waves of bullets and henchmen punches and kicks.

Of course, this may spell more bad news for comic book purists who first cried foul when reports surfaced that Batman’s look would have to be altered to accommodate the look of its biggest star Ben Affleck as well as Superman’s suit, which had just been altered for the last Superman movie Man of Steel. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson confirmed in an interview that director Zack Snyder asked him to come up with a completely new design for the Dark Knight.

No matter how they look, it will be interesting to see what they come up with and how the hardcore comic fans react to their favorite heroes getting a makeover– especially compared to the one that they’ve been drooling over since they realized that girls weren’t icky or had cooties. And if it’s any comfort, they can dress up Gal Gadot however they like, and we’ll still have these powerful pics….

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