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Tricia Helfer on “Killer Women” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Tricia Helfer on Killer Women

(10 PM EST, ABC)

You know that the See Her Tonight column usually celebrates guest stars–but we’re starry-eyed over Tricia Helfer’s starring role on the new Killer Women. The show debuts tonight, and the built blonde is front and center as a tough Texas Ranger in a male-dominated world. Of course Tricia has been dominating our fantasies for a while. The striking gal won Ford’s “Supermodel of the World” contest in 1992, and immediately stood out as something special. Tricia’s tough looks shook up the decade, and it wasn’t a big surprise when the big babe took her imposing presence to the big and small screens.

Tricia Helfer quickly became a Geek Goddess with a memorable role in the Battlestar Galactica remake. She spent five seasons recurring on that show in different roles, while also making an impression with turns on Burn Notice and Supernatural. Tricia also showed off her preference for daring roles with a turn as a dominatrix in the 2007 indie film Walk All Over Me–and was all sexy/crazy as a bisexual psycho in the 2010 thriller Open House.

Tricia hasn’t had much luck in television series, though. Dark Blue and The Firm were both quickly canceled. We’re thinking that’s because Tricia wasn’t the star. Killer Women is pretty high-profile, though, and deserves as much attention as when Tricia paired up with fellow Galactica gal Katee Sackhoff for the sexy Acting Outlaws calendar. You can keep up with that kind of thing by following Tricia on Twitter. Now get wound up for tonight’s debut with these killer pics and video stills…

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