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The BCS Championship Game MVP Goes To FSU Ball Boy “Red Lightning” [VIDEO + GIFS]


Update: Texans JJ Watt agrees with us and wants Red Lightning to get an invite to the NFL combine.

Without getting into the specifics of how we awarded the BCS Championship MVP, let’s just go ahead and give the trophy to FSU’s equipment manager and ball boy Frankie Grizzle-Malgrat–better known as “Red Lightning.” Throughout the entire game, social media icon Red Lightning could be seen running up and down the field providing fresh balls to his team and occasionally even a helping hand. (Editor’s Note: Every gif/video/photo  you see in this post was from last night.)


But let’s start at the beginning, Red Lightning first came to internet fame after his highlight reel was posted to YouTube. According to CBS Sports, this is his backstory:

After finishing two years of junior college and enrolling at FSU, Grizzle-Malgrat wasted little time contacting the head of FSU football equipment through a mutual friend. He was looking for work. He would wash uniforms, collect footballs, whatever.

He now works in tandem with Tyler O’Brien as equipment managers (he’s a ball boy only on game days). During the week, he helps wash uniforms and organize the locker room.

He also has a special assignment: Jameis Winston.

“I’ve been put in charge of taking care of Jameis,” Grizzle-Malgrat said. “I make sure Jameis has what he needs, nothing to worry about, helmets are OK, shoulder pads, him especially.”

Frankie then went on to do a Reddit AMA where he posted one of the most baller verification photos we’ve ever seen and answered questions like “What is your favorite amphibious animal” with responses like “anything but a gator.”

Red Lightning 2

Here you can see him helping up his main man, Jameis Winston.


But Red Lightning’s duties don’t end after the game. Even after his MVP performance, you can see him leading the victorious FSU cheerleaders and band in their war cry (Instagram video at the top). And then there’s this photo right here–which might very well be my favorite I’ve seen of him. This photo was taken on Instagram last night, presumably after the game. Don’t get too excited ladies, he openly admitted on Reddit that he’s got a girlfriend and is very happy.

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