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Paulina Gretzky Is Hotter Than We Are [56 Bikini Pics]


Paulina Gretzky Bikini h

We’re freezing here in the COED offices, but taking some comfort in knowing that Paulina Gretzky is nice and warm in Hawaii–where she’s continuing her tradition of looking great in a bikini. She doesn’t even have to be posing. As seen in the hot pics here, Paulina can heat things up in candid shots. Especially when she’s being casually candid in a lime-green bikini that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Not that Paulina Gretzky has ever been private about anything. The daughter of hockey great Wayne Gretzky earned her reputation as a wild gal with sexy Instagram pics and naughty exploits captured via Twitpics. Now she’s settled down enough to have a steady boyfriend–that being pro golfer Dustin Johnson, who brought his fiancée along for the Hyundai Tournament of Champions on the PGA Tour.

Paulina looks pretty happy with her newfound WAG status, too–and we’re very happy to see Dustin taking the time to get his wife outdoors in a skimpy outfit that proves Paulina still has what we want in a wild exhibitionist. Even if she is trying to become more of a socialite nowadays, which is fine with us, as long as we get to glimpse that bod in a bikini every once in a while.

We’ve even gotten used to how Paulina has her dad’s jersey number tattooed above her crotch–which kind of weirded us out early on, because we couldn’t help but think how “99” probably also represented the number of times her father would’ve slap-shotted us across the face if he’d every caught us with his daughter. Dustin doesn’t have those concerns, though. So while he’s enjoying his gal and the warm weather, let’s enjoy these pics, followed by a bounty of earlier shots where Paulina proudly posed as a bikini babe…

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