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MMA Fighter Has the Freakiest Post-Fight Broken Nose [PHOTO]


Andy "Ice Cold" Eichholz

Mixed martial arts fighter Andy “Ice Cold” Eichholz was so proud of his insane broken nose that he just had to share it with his fans. Then the Internet got so freaked out by it that it started spreading the image all over itself.

Eicholz posted the photo to his Facebook followers following a fight in Pendleton, Oregon against fellow heavyweight fighter Wade Sauer presumably to prove that you can completely move a person’s nose to another part of their face. Don’t even ask if Eicholz won the fight. He didn’t. Sauer knocked him out cold and knocked the bridge of his nose into another time zone in the process, according to

Of course, breaking a nose isn’t a new concept to MMA fighting. Finding new ways to break one is the sport’s “Red Badge of Courage.” It’s like stumbling onto some grand new scientific discovery only with a lot more screaming and dislocated joints. He joins a very elite and dubious MMA Hall of Fame of Bizarre Broken Noses along with greats like Charlie Lynch, Cung Le and Ryan McGillivray. So naturally, Eicholz must be proud of his extremely crooked nose, which explains why he’s smiling through what must be an unbelievable amount of pain (or an unbelievable amount of painkillers). That just makes his beatific smile all the more creepy. Just imagine what would have to happen to this man to break that beaming smile. Chances are if you tried to find out, you wouldn’t be smiling.

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