Sexy Superfans of the 2014 BCS Championship Game [PHOTOS]

If you’re not watching the BCS Championship Game tonight on ESPN at 8:30 PM EST, there’s something wrong with you. Don’t watch it just because it’s the last college football game of the season. Don’t watch it because it might be the last time that the BCS is involved in picking the two best teams. Don’t watch it because it features the year’s best quarterback in college football (not Nick Marshall). Watch it because it features all of those things–plus some of the hottest sexy superfans in game.

We recently reminded you why Amanda Cerny has good reason for being known as “the hottest FSU alumni,” but women like Lauren Hanley (have you voted for Miss COED of the Year 2014 yet?) are giving her a good run for her money. Especially after she was caught partying with the likes of Johnny Football.

And as far as Auburn’s hot fans are concerned, they’re just like their football team–not as many big, recognizable names but they’re all high quality role players.

So before the big game tonight, why not do some scouting of your own? Click through the two teams and their superfans, then vote for which side you think has the hotter fans.

BCS National Championship

(13-0) Florida State vs. (12-1) Auburn

January 6th, 2013

(ESPN | 8:30 PM EST)

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