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Netflix New Films Include Lots Of Manly Movies [VIDEO]


If you’re mad that Netflix purged one or more of your favorite movies or TV shows from its streaming service, don’t fret. The new movies that they are offering instead are bound to make up for it. A Reddit thread revealed a short list of some of the notable movies that Netflix made available for viewers of its on-demand streaming service in the new year.

The list of 26 movies includes a bunch of classic titles that you’ve probably been wishing that Netflix would release on-demand for some time now and a solid majority of them are very guy-friendly. They include American Psycho starring Christian Bale, Martin Scorsese’s classic Raging Bull, Big Trouble in Little China with Kurt Russell and a much younger Kim Cattrall, the original Red Dawn, Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and  Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall.

The list also includes a couple of true classics on its streaming services such as Bruce Lee’s 1972 classic The Chinese Connection and the 1951 version of the sci-fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. There’s a bit of poetic justice in that last one since the far inferior remake starring Keanu Reeves is only available on DVD to rent through the mail. It’s almost like Netflix is doing a critiquing of the film for you by making you go through an extra step just to watch it while making the first one available to screen instantly. Of course, if they really wanted to let their customers know how bad it is, they could make them rent it at the only remaining Blockbuster Video in the country.

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