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Nadia Bjorlin on “2 Broke Girls” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Nadia Bjorlin on 2 Broke Girls


We’re not sure what we were watching besides an episode of 2 Broke Girls called “…And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank,” but your humble See Her Tonight column isn’t missing the rerun tonight—especially with Nadia Bjorlin showing up as a guest star. Pair this built brunette with Kat Dennings, and you have a double-D ddelightful pairing of pairs that probably shouldn’t even be shown at a special time of 8 pm. (2 Broke Girls, of course, has also made us feel special with guests like Ally Maki, Annie Baria, and Amazon Mayday gal Amy Paffrath.)

Of course, any time’s a special time when we get to ogle Nadia Bjorlin. The lovely gal with the exotic name was actually born in Rhode Island, but soon returned to her parents’ homeland of Sweden. She was there for seven years before America lucked out with Nadia’s return–where she went native enough to end up as a finalist in the Miss Florida Teen USA Pageant. That was in 1998, before Nadia went back overseas to pursue a musical career. She was a video vixen in Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon Bon,” which means she’s older than you expected.

Nadia also enjoyed a career as a pop star herself, and then we got her back in America again for her bid at acting. It’s going well, but we need to see more of this gal. We first caught her on a 2010 episode of Two and a Half Men. She must’ve made a positive impression on Charlie Sheen, too, since Nadia later showed up on an episode of Anger Management. It also turns out that Nadia has been hanging out on the soap opera Days Of Our Lives in a recurring role since 1999–so shame on us for not catching on to that earlier.

We’re staying caught up with Nadia via Twitter now, so that won’t happen again. Now you can catch up with Nadia via this hot gallery, where Miss Bjorlin will get your blood bjoilin’…

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