Alexa Vega, Too? Quit Marrying Our Girlfriends, People… [50 PHOTOS]

We know that a lot of people get engaged over the holidays, but all of these sudden weddings are getting a little traumatic. We knew that Kaley Cuoco was about to get hitched, but nobody prepared us for Lacey Chabert leaving us at the altar for another man. And now we have Alexa Vega getting married for the second(!) time before she even had the decency to stay divorced long enough for her to learn that we exist.
We didn’t get too upset when Alexa ran off with that Sean Covel guy back in 2010. We were still kind of getting used to the idea of the former Spy Kids star being all legal and stuff–although Alexa really did win us over by rocking out in the underseen rock musical Repo! The Genetic Opera. And we knew from Vega’s fine Instagram account¬†(and her Twitter) that she’d gotten engaged a couple of months ago to Carlos Pena, Jr, but who took that seriously? After all, Alexis had just gotten divorced in July of 2012, and that was supposed to start a long period of Alexa partying around and enjoying the single life before settling down with a COED staffer.
Instead, Alexa has run off and gotten married in¬†Puerto Vallarta, Mexico–which is actually where we were planning to have our honeymoon, so there’s some cruel fate. Or irony. We’re a little too distraught to figure out all that technical jargon. All we can manage to do right now is pore over Alexa’s sexiest Instagram pics and ponder what clues we might have missed. Or, you know, been distracted from because we have Alexa Vega’s 50 sexiest Instagram pics right here. Hey, that’s kind of cheering us up….

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