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Melissa George on “The Good Wife” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Melissa George The Good Wife Bruce Springsteen

See Her Tonight

Melissa George on The Good Wife


Yes, you’ve seen Melissa George recommended by the See Her Tonight column before—but that was when the built blonde was just beginning to regularly recur in her role as Chris Noth’s love interest on The Good Wife. That was also when Breaking Bad aired its season finale, which made for some serious competition.

But tonight’s The Good Wife is getting plenty of attention for its role in pushing an upcoming Bruce Springsteen album. High Hopes is really an odds-and-ends collection, and the album would’ve really benefited from being showcased on an episode of that old Cold Case series. Springsteen’s just providing a closing song to tonight’s episode, with more to come next Sunday. That’s still pretty cool, although we really want The Good Wife to keep pushing sexual boundaries instead of classic rock. (The Good Wife has also held our attention with gripping guest turns from the likes of Madison McKinley and Christina Ricci.)

Melissa George–aka TheMGeorge on Twitter–has also kept things busy this year. We’ve seen less of her than expected, but now her character is pregnant, and has announced that she’s naming the child after Chris Noth’s character. That probably means a lot more screen time for Melissa. It’s a nice recovery after her big-screen career didn’t pan out back at the end of the ’90s. That’s despite her appearances in fine films like the sci-fi saga Dark City and the classic indie The Limey, along with roles in David Lynch’s muddled masterpiece Mulholland Drive. We’re hoping that Hollywood will be tuning in tonight–but for now, let’s enjoy Melissa in another very good gallery …

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