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Get Ready For The Playoffs With These Epic Fan Meltdowns [VIDEOS]


It’s officially playoff season, which means that some fans are going to feel the satisfaction you can only get from watching other people’s hard work be rewarded while you get drunk and eat hot wings. More importantly, that also means that some fans will feel crushing disappointment as they watch their team’s season come to a screeching halt. To get everyone excited about the potential glory or failure of their favorite team, here are five of the most epic fan meltdowns ever captured on camera. Who knew that NFC North fans were so unstable?

“Tell Aaron Rogers not to play football because I don’t want him in the NFC anymore.” “It’s not my fault. They frickin’ sucked and everything.” Those are great examples of some of the expert analysis that fans can deliver after a loss in the playoffs. It’s hard to put your thoughts in order when you’re dealing with so much emotion.

Guys aren’t the only people who have meltdowns. This girl drunkenly screams at a fathead of Clay Matthews as if it’s a god who has forsaken her. We’d like her to date the guy from the other video just to see what would happen.

This video has a death threat and the faint sound of crying in the background. Those two things are always in abundance during playoff season.

The Packers didn’t win because Megan told this girl to put the sparkles on. Good luck trying to get a head coaching job after you totally messed that up, Megan. Judging by these two Packers videos, we can only conclude that Clay Matthews likes to make female fans cry.

This one has some NSFW language, so don’t watch it if you don’t want to hear cursing. Also don’t watch it if you’re a 49ers fan. After Jacoby Jones ran back a touchdown in the Super Bowl last year, this guy had a hard time dealing with it. The only thing worse than watching your team lose the Super Bowl is watching girls laugh at you as you react to your team losing the Super Bowl.

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