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Lacey Chabert: Someone Married Our Girlfriend [PHOTOS]



Lacey Chabert got married over the holidays to some mystery man–and, yeah, we’re a little torn up over that. We know that things have been busy over here at the COED offices, and maybe we’ve been a little neglectful, but we still were thinking that Lacey would be understanding and still be there after all of the holiday hoopla had died down. She had even recently re-Tweeted us, so we thought everything was going really well.

And then we learned that Lacey Chabert is starting 2014 as Mrs. Lacey Chabert. At least, we think that’s what she’s going to call herself. She hasn’t actually announced the name of her new husband. That’s leading to a lot of speculation. We’re just hoping that it’s going to be some serious competition. We couldn’t handle it if Lacey was becoming Mrs. Jonah Hill or Mrs. Michael Cera.

It would be okay if she was Mrs. Brad Pitt, or maybe Mrs. The Rock. You know what we’d really like? It would be cool if Lacey was becoming Mrs.¬†Elina Ivanova, or pretty much any gal on our lists of Hottest Lesbians or Sexiest Bisexuals. It’s a modern world, you know, and we don’t think Lacey has specified the actual sex of her husband. We just want Lacey to be happy–and it’s fine with us if she’s happy in a hot lesbian relationship that might lead to a sex tape or something.

But enough about us and our selfless ways.Today is really about the lovely Lacey, and we’ll just have to be content with checking out the amazing pics that show us how much she’s grown since Party of Five–and grew a real party of two…

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