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New Orleans Saints Fans Twitter-Bullied Out of Philly Rocky Run


Rocky Run New Orleans Saints

Hey, everybody, the new Orleans Saints are coming to Philadelphia on Saturday for the NFC wild-card game between the Saints and the Eagles! And while New Orleans is one of the most dangerous cities in America, it turns out that the most dangerous Saints fans tend to stay at home. We were reminded of this when New Orleans Time-Picayune photographer Michael DeMocker decided to tweet his followers about a clever idea for all the visiting Saints fans to have a “Rocky Run” up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Yeah. We can’t show you the original Twitter, because it’s been quickly deleted once Michael realized this was a bad idea–thanks to Twitterings like this:

Saints Philly Rocky Run Final c

Yeah. It seems that Michael doesn’t know much about Eagles fans. Or maybe he confused the Philly fans with fans of the music group called Eagles. Those are a pretty mellow bunch. Not so the angry and excitable Philly types…

Saints Philly Rocky Run Final f

Yeah. We’re showing you the more sociable Twitters here. There was plenty of talk about Philly fans waiting at the top of those iconic museum steps to wage an iconic beatdown. Leading to this final smart Twitter:

Saints Philly Rocky Run Final e

Very insightful, Mike. At least some Times-Picayune columnist has a good article to write about cranky Philly fans. But maybe some good has come of this. We’re pretty sure this Twitter has a direct connection to all the brouhaha….

Saints Philly Rocky Run Final

So, that’s a relief. No bloodshed yet, at least. So that’s a fun little victory already for Philly. And, you know, they’re not all bad sports in the city. If somebody says Philly’s a bad town, just show them this loving Tweet, and we’ll all feel the brotherhood…

Saints Philly Rocky Run Final a

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