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Jill Martin In A Bikini: MSG Gal Looks Better Than The Knicks [PHOTOS]


Jill Martin MSG bikini 14

There’s been no shortage of hot ladies running around in bikinis while on vacation to start the New Year–but these pics of Jill Miller are particularly inspiring. That’s because we’re usually in tears while watching Jill cover the Knicks for the MSG network. It’s just been a really sad season–and not even Jill’s joltin’ presence can cheer us up watching those guys sprawl all over the court like a bunch of third-graders aiming for the Good Sportsmanship plaques.

But when it comes to Jill Martin on the beach–well, let’s just say that she’s the kind of gal who can handle spherical objects better than ¬†Andreas Bargnani or¬†Chris Smith. The most positive thing that we can say about the Knicks right now is that they’re able to occasionally score with a distraction like Jill Martin on the sidelines. (Of course, they also have to contend with the Knicks City Dancers.) We’d add a joke about Coach Mike Woodson, but his leadership has been simply too limp to make that funny.

But what does any of that matter when Jill can take a break from basketball’s biggest boneheads and relax on the beach in Miami? We’re kind of grateful that the Knicks recently screwed up badly enough in Toronto to inspire Jill to take a vacation. And we’re very excited to note that the Knicks managed to (barely) score a win over the San Antonio Spurs last night, so maybe Jill walking around in a bikini is a good luck charm. Check out these pics, and you’ll agree that the idea is at least worth a try…

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