January 3, 2014: Sexiest Jasmine Waltz Selfies—-And More! [PHOTOS]

It’s a big day in England as a new season of Celebrity Big Brother is about to hit the airwaves. The popular reality show–in which assorted celebs are forced to live together in one house–never actually announces its contestants until the first show. Each person is introduced as they enter the house. The tabloids there have a lot of fun speculating on who’s going to show up each season. Some of that involves complaining. A lot of people say that Celebrity Big Brother has the same problem as Dancing With The Stars, with celebrities increasingly being replaced by recycled reality-show stars.
The rumors this year sure suggest a lack of major star power. But it looks like those lucky Europeans might be getting Jasmine Waltz as a guest. We sure hope so, because this article will be pretty useless if Jasmine doesn’t waltz through those doors. But we’re happy for any excuse to check out the exhibitionist model who’s better known for playing around than for posing.
Jasmine Waltz has been romantically linked to folks like David Arquette, Michael Phelps, Chris Pine, and the frankly questionable likes of Ryan Seacrest and Zac Efron. We’re guessing that Taylor Lautner was too busy to get together. Anyway, Jasmine has been in London for the past few weeks, and saying on social media (like her Twitter) that she’s set for a two-month stay. That’s enough to cause plenty of speculation.
The Big Brother producers are probably hoping for lots of romantic gossip from Jasmine. The Big Brother viewers will be hoping for casual nudity. Check out these pics of Jasmine–pretty much all drawn from her Instagram account–and you’ll see that this is a gal who’s eager to bare all in public. We think that Jasmine’s about to become England’s favorite American import…

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