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Danica McKellar Turns 39, Still In Her Wonder Years [PHOTOS]


Danica McKellar turns 39 years old today, so we’ve had plenty of time to get used to the fact that she’s one hot babe. In fact, it’s no longer a surprise that the former Winnie–that being the childhood crush of the kid from the ’80s show Wonder Years–has grown up to have an amazing bod. It’s not even a surprise that Danica grew up to be a math whiz who only does some acting on the side.

Now we’re all old enough to be amazed that Danica McKellar is looking really hot on the verge of turning 40 years old. That’ll make some guys feel older than others, though. Everyone can agree that Danica is a great showbiz story, though. She’s the child actress who grew up to study mathematics at UCLA, graduating summa cum laude in 1998. Some guys were still paying attention to her as an actress, though–and noticed that Danica had a rockin’ bod back in 2002, when she could still pass as a teen in the comedy Sex and the Teenage Mind.

Other guys caught up with Danica when she posed in lingerie for Stuff magazine back in 2006. That’s when the magazine was a spinoff from Maxim, and Danica’s racy layout got lots of men spinning. That also announced Danica’s return to acting. She took a regular role in The West Wing and livened up sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother. Danica has kept busy, and even had the ultimate honor of starring in a Syfy movie with last year’s Tasmanian Devils–where the biggest spectacle was how good Danica looks in a tank top.

Danica also sexed up her old Wonder Years role playing Winnie in Avril Lavigne’s video for “Rock N Roll” last year. She’s also built a yoga empire, and has authored plenty of fun books on mathematics. Yeah. You can tell we’re pretty charmed when we’re talking about fun books on mathematics. Now get charmed by Danica as we look back at some hot old pics and some recent reminders of how she’s one mathematical MILF…

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