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The Fifth Season of “Community” Returns to TV Tonight


The plucky little primetime comedy show that simply cannot be killed no matter how many times NBC has tried to returns to the airwaves. The fifth season of the cult sitcom Community starring The Soup’s Joel McHale kicks off its fifth season tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central on NBC.

Tonight’s season premiere is just a big bowl of good news no matter how you look at it, even if you haven’t kept up with the first four seasons. It seems like it has been off and on the bubble with NBC pretty much since day one, despite the fact that it has the kind of ravenous fan base that most show producers and networks can only dream of having. Plus, it marks the return of the show’s original creator Dan Harmon who was fired by NBC, a move that angered the showrunner but eventually made him realize how difficult a human being he could be sometimes, according to an eye-opening profile of the man in The Hollywood Reporter. Tonight’s season five premiere will be like watching a Two and a Half Men reunion with a reformed and humble Charlie Sheen returning to the fold, except that it will actually be funny.

The last fact alone should be reason enough for anyone with half a brain to tune in or TiVo it. Harmon’s twisted creation gets back to its deep, twisted roots that made it such an insane and loveable show. The trailer alone is crammed full of all the crazy things that makes any TV show great: city destroying robots, floors filled with lava, an “ass crack bandit” and Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks. If the trailer is at all accurate, then strap in people because things are about to get “cool cool cool.”

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