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In Memoriam: Great Men (And Some Favorite Gals) We Lost In 2013


In Memoriam - Great Guys (And Some Gals) We Lost In 2013

2013 was an unlucky number for a few of our favorite people. Of course, every year brings some depressing celebrity deaths, but this year seemed particularly tough. We took the time to honor a few, including Lou Reed and Paul Walker. We also took the time to salute manly character actor Ed Lauter and manly novelist Tom Clancy. The internet has also been very busy mourning the death of James Avery–who was the beloved Uncle Phil of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and who wrapped up 2013 as one of the very last celebrity deaths.

But what of the other folks that we lost this year? Well, there were a lot of them. Here are the names that were bandied around the most at the COED offices–from rock gods to cult actors to former major Hollywood names. Some favorite ladies made the cut, as well. Sadly, so did a close personal friend. We could’ve done without that one. Anyway, we hate to think of all the ones that we left out, but here’s a sadly fatal collection of thirty dead folks who we’ll be missing in 2014…

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