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Taryn Manning on “Hawaii Five-0” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Taryn Manning on Hawaii Five-0

(8:00 PM EST, CBS)

We were tempted to spend the night of New Year’s Day with Elisabeth Harnois in Vegas on CSI–but it’s cold enough that your See Her Tonight columns is preferring Taryn Manning on Hawaii Five-0. Both of those gals still count as two ladies who became our favorite recurring roles in 2013. Taryn Manning (who often appears as Steve McGarrett’s younger sister) had a better year, though, with Orange is the New Black really showcasing her as one of the nuttiest inmates in a particularly weird women’s prison.

Hawaii Five-0 was pretty good to us last year, too, with  Lauren German in another recurring role, plus guest stars like Taylor Cole, Jesiree Dizon, and Behati Prinsloo.) Taryn’s character has enjoyed a good story arc over the years, and we’re seeing more of her now that McGarrett’s sis is less of a mess. Her character on Orange is the New Black will hopefully stay as psycho as ever, since Taryn’s confirmed that she’s returning for that show’s second season.

That was good news, since it wasn’t really even apparent if she’d survived the first season. Taryn will probably also keep overachieving in 2014 with her band BoomKAT (which still seems to be happening) and her work designing clothing for Born Uniqorn. Taryn always has a lot to talk about on her Twitter account–but right now, let’s enjoy what she’s shown off in the past…

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