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Sexy Snow Bunnies Beat Out Polar Bear Clubs [PHOTOS]



It’s another New Year’s Day, which means evening newscasts full of broadcasts about Polar Bear Clubs dipping into frigid waters to start off 2014. It’s happening in NYC out on Coney Island, and in Chicago, and Washington State, and other places that we really don’t care to promote. Call us crazy, but we’ve just never understood the appeal of throwing ourselves into freezing waters. Not that we have any concerns about shrinkage problems, either. But, if we did, that would be perfectly understandable.

Anyway, we’d rather cast about for broads baring their bods on chilly ski slopes. Last year has already provided us a few amazingly bold babes in bikinis, such as when we hit the slopes with AXE. We also celebrated Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley when she got sexy in a snowy setting.

But let’s really celebrate the start of 2014 with a cool 100 of hot gals in cold climes. Check out these plentiful pics of amazingly hot gals–who, we’ll concede, could get us running around in the snow in our underwear, but our destination sure wouldn’t be a chilly body of water. It’d be a body, though. A woman’s body. If we’re not being too subtle there.

Anyway, it’s a cold start to the year at the COED offices, but these pics have really warmed us up–along with the fire that we’ve started after creating some kindling by chopping up our chairs. You’ll be a lot more comfortable while sitting back and enjoying some chilling pics that’ll get you plenty hot…

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