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Mormons Make Ultimate “The Fox” Parody To End 2013 [VIDEO]


We really liked the Saturday Night Live parody of Ylvis’s phenomenal “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)” video, but it was still a comedy show parodying a comedy group. Now we get the deeper societal meaning of “The Fox” being reinterpreted by Mormons. And, even better, we’re appreciate the authenticity of this video being made as part of a Christmas talent show by the Taft Canyon Ward–which seems to be based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

We’re not looking at something as great as “The Book of Mormon,” but you really have to give these Mormons a hand for adding a few minutes to the original tune while seeming to have a lot of fun. We kind of want to dock points for the video compulsively adding a graphic so that we’ll know that a young woman sitting on the Bishop’s lap is actually his daughter. We’d be a little more interested in what the Bishop says if we knew that his strong Mormon faith was drawing some hot babes.

But, you know, it’s a Christmas talent show, and this kind of video was not made for us. Let’s just enjoy the fun that these mocking Mormons had making a video for themselves–and be grateful that, while this won’t be the last “Fox” parody, it’s definitely the one that makes all the other “Fox” parodies redundant…

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