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Karolina Kurkova on “Person of Interest” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Karolina Kurkova on Person of Interest

(10:00 PM EST, CBS)

How can the networks possibly hope to keep a partying entity like the See Her Tonight column home on a New Year’s Eve? Oh. Karolina Kurkova is playing herself on tonight’s repeat episode of Person of Interest. That’s cool. You guys have fun. We’ll catch up later–even if (or maybe especially because) the legendary blonde is playing the character of “Karolina Kurkova.” Hey, that’s the same character she played on 30 Rock and her recurring role on FCU: Fact Checkers Unit.

And does everyone remember when Karolina showed up on the big screen in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra as a beautiful fashion model? She wasn’t billed as “Karolina Kurkova,” but she looked exactly like her. Not that we’re goofing on the Victoria’s Secret model and Sports Illustrated cover girl. We don’t goof on ladies like that–especially when a gal like Karolina can do a fine job goofing on herself. We mean like she did in that episode of Chuck when she played Sofia Stepanova.

That was a quirky role on a quirky show, and Karolina’s becoming an expert at that kind of thing. She has just the right kind of comic talents. (That’s one reason we keep up with her Twitter account.) We won’t pretend that we know how well Person of Interest makes use of the striking starlet, but it’s a quirky show, too, and we really like this pairing. Hey, remember when Person of Interest got our interest by adding Sarah Shahi to the cast?

Anyway, Karolina is also a perfect excuse for CBS to have skipped any kind of New Year’s programming. We can’t think of anything more special than Karolina in our living room–but you can start catching up with her right now

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