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Elin Nordegren Turns 34 Tomorrow (Without Tiger Woods) [PHOTOS]


Elin Nordegren has two reasons to celebrate January 1st tomorrow. It’s her 34th birthday, and it’s the start of yet another year without her cheating ex-husband Tiger Woods. We usually tend to side with guys in this kind of thing, of course, but it’s hard for Tiger Woods to have our sympathy when Elin Nordegren has kept looking so good this past year.

Of course, some folks might not even remember way back to 2009, when the golf legend ended up crashing his car outside his home during the Thanksgiving holidays. Rumors say that Woods crashed his car while his angry wife was chasing after him with a golf club. We don’t doubt that a 5’11 babe like Elin has a good swing. In any case, Elin seemed to have a perfect marriage to the popular pro golfer. Then we learned all about Tiger’s frequent cheating and sex addiction, and Elin was walking away with a $100 million divorce settlement by 2010.

Elin had been working as a model before meeting her future husband. We’re very pleased to see that she’s taken the time to pose for the cameras in recent years, too–although the very wealthy gal has mostly been concentrating on getting a degree in psychology. We’re not sure that’s really necessary for a gal like Elin to understand men, though. Anyway, Elin’s still single, and  there must be plenty of guys who can convince her that all men aren’t crazed horndogs who’ll stray even if they’re married to a woman who looks like Elin Nordegren. We’re not very convincing, though, so we’ll just check out these hot pics of the World’s Most Eligible Divorcee…

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