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Drunken New Year’s Eve Girls Kissing [PHOTOS]


It’s New Year’s Eve, and the usual conversation is going on in the COED offices about how everybody’s going to just stay in tonight because of all the amateurs and the overpriced clubs. And then we’ll all end up heading out around 10 pm, anyway. Is this because we’re all compulsive liars? Well, yeah. There’s also that undeniable allure to New Year’s Eve that always wins us over. We’ve already addressed the timeless appeal of New Year’s Cleavage. But we also can’t forget the lure of lesbianic antics to kick off the New Year.

Yes, it’s that most special of New Year’s Eve traditions. Nothing quite marks a celebration like some Sapphic smooching. Guys just love to show off some year-end tolerance in the form of going gaga for some girl/girl loving. We’re also grateful to the actual girls and girls who take the time to drop their inhibitions and keep us thinking that every evening is thisclose to becoming the movies that we used to see on cable long after our parents were asleep. Mostly on Cinemax, but there were other important networks that kept us going until we learned about how to clear internet history.

Anyway, here are over 100 memorable images of ladies welcoming in the New Year while also welcoming other women into their mouths. These are the kind of images that get guys saluting at midnight–but you don’t have to wait for midnight to enjoy the action. Let’s just not kid ourselves that these pics will still keep us from actually going out tonight…

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