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The Cleveland Browns Fired Their Head Coach


Another lackluster season for Cleveland has come and gone–and so has their head coach. The Los Angeles Times reported that head coach Rob Chudzinski is out of a job after just one season with the Browns. [Image via Erik Daniel Drost/Flickr]

He lost his job after Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. That was the team’s seventh loss in a row, bringing their season to a miserable end of 4-5. Usually, a coach doesn’t get fired until after the playoffs but apparently the Browns’ loss on Sunday was so bad that the management just couldn’t wait to give Chudzinski a big pink slip. Of course, you would think that the management would have given him a little more leeway. Chudzinski was asked to coach the Cleveland Browns. That’s like shopping at K-Mart and getting mad at the help because they don’t have Versace in stock. is projecting that the owners are preparing to ask Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien or New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to step in for the job–presumably so management can get a head start on firing them by the end of the next season. At this point, could anyone turn the Browns around, let alone in one miserable season? The latest firing came as quite a shock to the fans who were hoping the owners would at least try to build a roster of regular faces among the staff. The owners seem to be as impatient as ever just to get a season that has more wins than losses before the team fails to make the playoffs. Normally, we’d try to assure the fans that there’s an upside to such a dire situation. But the good folks of Cleveland just don’t deserve that kind of pandering. Plus, they’re spending winter in Cleveland.

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