Rats Invade NYC Cafe—-Boy, We Hope This Is Real [VIDEO]


We know it’s the internet, and we know that you can’t trust any kind of video that might go viral–but we really hope that the above video is real footage of a bunch of rats overrunning a sidewalk cafe in New York City before going on to take over a nice building and freaking out a bunch of folks. There isn’t a new rat movie coming out, is there? Something like Dawn of the Planet of the Rats? Because that’d be pretty disappointing.

In the words of T.J. Hicks, we have been fooled before. We’re still really hoping that we live in a New York City where the rats will occasionally band together for a nice ’70s revival gathering to make people like us feel like we still live in a festering hellhole. Well, we live in a festering hellhole, but sometimes it feels like one in the middle of a really gentrified city, and we could stand some company.

So enjoy the above video, and please don’t tell us if we’ve been suckered by some kind of marketing promotion. Although we wouldn’t mind seeing a new movie about a rat invasion. It’s been a while since the last good one…

COED Writer
COED Writer
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