Happy New Years Cleav…age [PHOTOS]


Need something to celebrate on New Year’s Eve? We recommend the amazing kind of gals who kick off every year with a bountiful display of New Year’s Eve Cleavage! We have a bountiful collection of pics here, too–and we’re going to guess that a lot of them come from New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. That’s because the COED offices are here in NYC, and we notice that a lot of gals don’t wear breast-baring tank tops at the very end of December around here.

Or maybe we’re just celebrating New Year’s Eve in the wrong clubs. We need to start hanging out in places that actually have heat. And, it would seem, also serve Cosmopolitans instead of straight shots of Ol’ Rotgut. Anyway, we’re looking here at a swingin’ 79 pics of ladies who are seeing in the new year while letting their assets out for their admirers.

Which is nice, because it gives guys like us some inspiration for actually getting excited over January 1st, not to mention the plentiful opportunities that come with the new year. Like surviving to December 31st, 2014, and welcoming in a whole new bevy of babes who are willing to let their globes drop in a memorable manner as we count down to midnight. So let’s all give thanks to this wild women who make every New Year’s Eve a rockin’ New Year’s Eve…

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