Bikini Model Nina Agdal Has Us Ready For Spring 2014 [PHOTOS]


Hey, we just had a great idea! Let’s skip winter and go straight to the beach with Nina Agdal–who’s already modeling the Spring 2014 line of bikinis for the Beach Bunny brand. We don’t know why models like Nina Agdal get to live in the future while we get to live in cardboard boxes, but we’re beginning to think that’s what the new NYC mayor means when he wants to address inequality. Check out these pics, though, and it sure looks like Nina’s eager to share some sun and surf with us.

And by “us,” we mean the COED staff. Sorry. Life’s just unequal that way. And the only reason that we’re really thinking like that is because Nina is brandishing a speargun, which is probably the exact same thing that she’d be doing if the COED staff was actually on the beach with her. A lady has the right to protect herself, after all. Besides, that weaponry really helps Nina work a kind of Ursula Andress look from the Dr. No movie, right? We think that’s what the photographers were trying to do there.

Anyway, these pics are guaranteed to ensure another year where it’s Nina Agdal vs. Kate Upton as most adolescent males’ fantasy prom dates. And while we hate to accuse the Beach Bunny brand of any shenanigans, we should really note that a few of these pics look really familiar. Is it possible that the company has Photoshopped different bikini designs on the same pics of Nina? We’re just not sure. Perhaps you’ll care to join us in a few hours of carefully scrutinizing every detail of these pics just to be sure. At the rate we’re going, this might be how we end up ringing in that winter of 2014…

COED Writer
COED Writer
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