Anderson Silva Broken Leg—-And 14 More Painful MMA Moments [GIFS]


Yes, we got all excited over Ronda Rousey‘s big victory over Miesha Tate on Saturday night at the big UFC 168 event–but the biggest story, of course, was when former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva went up against Chris Weidman. We don’t know how we missed that. Maybe it had something to do with how we celebrated Rousey’s big win with a collection of her hottest pics.

Anyway, it turns out that Anderson wasn’t such a tough guy, after all, because all he had to do was kick against Chris’ leg, and then Anderson’s own leg snapped right in half. Like, literally. Man, if we knew it was that easy to win that kind of brawl, we would’ve signed up for UFC long ago.

Of course, we guess there’s some kind of chance that some crazy UFC fighter might end up breaking our bones. We’re very delicate, you know. Mom says that the problem is that people don’t really understand how sensitive we are. Yeah, so we’re probably going to stick to our New Year’s resolution to not get into any UFC bouts during 2014.

But just in case you’re not as sensitive as we are, then check out these GIFs. We lead with Anderson Silva, but then you can see other examples of how this whole UFC/MMA thing just isn’t for everybody. Especially us, although we’d be willing to call out Anderson Silva right now. Forget that Chris Weidman, though. He doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor…

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