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These Christmas Pranks Will Warm Your Cold Heart [VIDEO]


Sure, you’re tired of Christmas stuff by now, and you can’t wait until everyone takes down their Christmas lights. But the Christmas spirit of charity and kindness should still be alive in all of us — even if that spirit is just in re-gifting unwanted gifts for upcoming brithdays. We’ve found the best YouTube pranks of people surprising others with gifts on Christmas morning that should keep you in the holiday spirit no matter what time of year you watch them.

Roman Atwood and his friend surprise homeless people with gifts and a Christmas tree. You’ve never seen anyone so excited to get a pair of socks on Christmas morning. Also, homeless people still know YouTube celebrities when they see them in real life.

Magician/YouTube star Stuart Edge pretends to be an angel delivering a gift from heaven while his accomplice pretends not to be able to see him. Making someone think they’ve seen an angel is a little weird, but everyone seems too thrilled with the gifts to care. As in the first video, one homeless guy immediately recognizes Edge from other YouTube videos.

via YouTube

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