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Tabrett Bethell: The Fantasy Gal Who Made “DHOOM 3” A Hit [PHOTOS]


The biggest success story of the Christmas film season wasn’t The Hobbit or Anchorman 2. Instead, it was Dhoom 3–the Bollywood production filmed in Chicago that took in over $3.3 million in just 236 theaters. That set a new record for an Indian production’s performance in the North American box office. The movie’s pretty impressive, but there was also some box-office revenue from Dhoom 3 being the first Bollywood production in IMAX.

And Dhoom 3 was the first movie ever to offer Tabrett Bethell on the big, big screen. The addition of this awesome Aussie didn’t just make Dhoom 3 a truly international production. It also provided certain fantasy fans a chance to see one of their favorite gals really taking over the multiplex. Yes, there are some guys who already know Tabrett Bethell  as a hot model who’s bared her bod in everything from lingerie to swimwear. There are also plenty of geeks who’ve gotten downright gleeful over Tabrett showing up at the multiplex.

Those will be the guys who loved Tabrett back when she was dolled up in leather on the syndicated series The Legend of the Seeker. That fantasy show had guys divided between staring at the incredibly hot Bridget Reagan as the all-seeing Mother Confessor or Tabrett as the wild warrior woman Cara Mason, who was seeking revenge against demonic forces who–well, it’s kind of a long story.

The important thing is that Tabrett got to wear lots of tight leather outfits while showing off a wide range of talents. She’s stayed popular in her homeland since Seeker went off the air, and Dhoom 3 is exactly the kind of hit that the blonde beauty needed to maintain her international appeal. Of course, she can always go back to being a rugby cheerleader. We have a pic of her from those days below, as well as some sexy Seeker shots and more modeling moments. Then check your local listings to see if you have a chance to see Tabrett taking up the big screen in IMAX…

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