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“Kung Fury” is the Greatest 80s Action Movie Never Released in the 80s [VIDEO]


A new trailer hit the web for a movie parody of all those over-the-top 80s action movies and it’s shaping up to be the greatest 80’s movies we’ve ever seen. It’s called Kung Fury and it looks so crazy and slick that we wish we could use the same time travel technology that the movie used to bring us back to the 1980’s so we could include it on our list of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014.

If this sounds like the kind of over-the-top action movie that the world wants to see, you’d be right. That’s because the project created by writer and director David Sandberg was entirely funded through a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that hasn’t reached its goal yet but its raised over $160,000 in just two days. So the chances are good that it will raise the $200,000 it needs to bring the film to life.

The movie is basically a mashup of every corny 80’s cop movie and injected with a big dose of anabolic steroids to make it even more bawdy and outrageous than they already are. Of course, it’s about a renegade cop named Kung Fury who throws away his badge to take on the mother of all cop movie villains: a kung-fu version of Adolph Hitler. It’s also filled with a ton of unnecessary explosions, neon-styled computer graphics and more gunfire than even the Gaza Strip has seen. We thought we’d seen it all when the folks who made Fry Cry 3 twisted their creation into the 80’s action parody Blood Dragon but this is even more over-the-top than that. We can’t wait to see it.

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