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Felicity Jones Might Be A Superhero/Villain in “SPIDER-MAN 2” [PHOTOS]


We’re always impressed by good investigative journalism in the entertainment-news biz. That’s mostly because if we sat down with Felicity Jones, we’d probably just stare at her and occasionally say something clever like, “Heh, you’re Felicity Jones.” They’re a lot more clever over at the film site Collider, where a reporter sat down with Felicity to discuss her new film The Invisible Woman.

That’s not a movie where Felicity plays a member of the Fantastic Four. It’s an upscale period drama–but Collider gamely played along with an interest in that movie so they could ask about Felicity’s work in the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Officially, Felicity has just been cast as Harry Osborne’s girlfriend in the movie. But there were also rumors, of course, that her character might turn out to be a costumed Spider-Man comic book character. Maybe the Black Cat, who has spent a lot of time in the comics flirting with Spidey.

And with the recent revelation about Spider-Man 2 offering up the Green Goblin, it seemed even more likely that there could be more costumed surprises. So the interviewer chats for a while about Felicity’s classy movie, brings up Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the surrounding secrecy, and then asks this question: “Did you have a say in your costumes for that?” To which Felicity responded:

Oh, yeah, totally!  Absolutely!  It’s a medium that’s very collaborative.  Actors and directors work on things together.  That’s how I like to work, anyway.  I don’t want to be told what to do.  I want to share it with someone and work it out together.  You know that person better than anyone.  That’s my job.

If we’d been the interviewer, we would’ve then said, “A-ha! We didn’t ask you about your wardrobe! We asked you about your costumes! Ha ha ha!” The folks at Collider are cooler, though. Anyway, that’ll start a lot more rumors–and, seriously, why even give Harry Osborne a girlfriend if you don’t have a bigger angle there? So there’s something to carry into the new year for one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014. But you don’t have to anticipate hot pics of Felicity, because we have some right here…

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