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Russell Simmons Admits “My Adidas” Was Written On PCP [VIDEO]


Russell Simmons, arguably the first ever true hip hop mogul, appeared on this week’s version of Snoop Dogg’s Gangsta News Network where he talked about a host of different subjects including the kinds of drugs that he used to take. Within the first minute he admits that not only did he used to get wet, the song “My Adidas” was written while he was on it.

If you’re into rap at all, we’d really suggest tuning into GGN every now and then as they’re usually entertaining as hell. The fact that extra-clean Russell Simmons can come and join Snoop to talk about some of the crazy shit he used to get into is a great example of the kind of talent that comes to chill with Snoop.

And yes, Snoop smokes a blunt in it while a plane pimps his blunt wrap company “Smoke Exec Branch.” Chuuch.
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