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Katie Boland on “Reign” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Katie Boland on Reign

(9 PM EST, The CW)

We’re not sure how Reign is doing in the ratings, but the historical drama is doing a fine job of casting unique beauties. After all, it’s not easy finding hot gals who look natural in a teen drama set in 1557. That’s okay. Your loyal See Her Tonight column has been pretty negligent of these ladies, though–but COED sure jumped on the hot show’s hot masturbation scene with Caitlin Stasey that heated up the premiere.

We’ve been jumping on every episode of Reign in hopes that it’ll be another chance to see brooding Canadian beauty Katie Boland. She’s had a recurring role that includes an episode where she shows up tonight. Katie fits in perfectly with Reign‘s setting, too, since she has the same otherworldy allure of a Christina Ricci.

Right now, though, Canada has been the only part of this world to catch on to Katie’s comely features. She’s had a busy career on the small screen there, but Americans have had two chances to catch Katie on the big screen–that being in the indie pot movie Growing Op, and last year’s critically-acclaimed The Master. We’re hoping that The CW is going to take notice of Katie, as well, since we really need more of her in the States.

Also, we follow Katie on Twitter, and that’s how we learned that she’s working on a novel (or maybe a short story collection) that opens with an inappropriate couple having sex during a funeral. So we’re looking forward to that, too. The novel, we mean. But you can check out Katie right now with hot pics to have around for non-Reigny days

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