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Cara Delevingne Breasts Tattoos Have A New Year’s Message [PHOTOS]


Cara Delevingne went to sunny Barbados for the holidays, and she gift-wrapped her famous breasts with a new tattoo. Actually, two tattoos. Across the bottom of her breasts. In large script. That quote a pop song. And that pop song–with her new breast tattoos invoking the title–is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin.

We’re not sure how to feel about this. It was nice to have an excuse to carefully stare at Cara Delevingne’s breasts. That still isn’t exactly the coolest tattoo that the 21-year-old model could have chosen. We appreciate the thought that nobody should be worrying and that everybody should be happy when Cara is baring her bod. We just think that the actual written message is kind of redundant.

Even stranger, Cara is messing around with her bod after a very busy 2013. The 21-year-old model began the year as the new face of DKNY, while her voice had the ultimate honor of appearing as a radio station DJ in Grand Theft Auto V. Cara also remained one of the most popular models on the runway for the top fashion designers. It’s all a very glamorous existence for an elegant Englishwoman who comes from very high society.

And now she’s pulled a stunt that’s worthy of Miley Cyrus. Not that we have anything against Miley Cyrus. We even have hot Miley Cyrus GIFs that make us want to hold things against the gal. It’s just that Cara Delevingne is in a different business than your average pop diva. Anyway, make your own decision about Cara’s new ink below. We also invite you to compare and contrast with Cara working for Victoria’s Secret (backstage and on the runway)–but, yeah, check out these photos first…

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