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NJ Police Score A DUI Trifecta After Their Rides Also Show Up Drunk


Christmas is coming up and that means extra police will be out on the roads to keep an eye out for people who drank a little too much egg nog that Grandma made with her special “cold medication.” New Jersey’s Police Department found a way to get three drunk drivers off the road in one fell swoop after each called the other to give them a ride home from the station, according to [Image via Keith Allison/Flickr]

It all went down in a town called Readington. A police officer stopped 34-year-old Carmen Reategui after noticing her erratic driving pattern. The officer administered a sobriety test and took her into custody. She called a friend, 23-year-old Nina Petracca, to come pick her up at the station. Police noticed that she was also exhibiting signs of intoxication after Petracca arrived to pick her up and administered a sobriety test inside the station. She also failed the test and was taken into custody. Police also found an unlabeled bottle of Vicodin in her purse. The two ladies called a third person to pick them up the station and (you can guess where this is going by now) 33-year-old Ryan Hogan also showed up with liquor on his breath and was taken into custody for drunk driving.

So basically we’ve got one of those Russian doll situations except when you open one up, another smaller and drunker person is inside of it. It’s a shame that they had to stop at just three. New Jersey police could have gathered up all its drunk drivers at once and the officers could have taken the day off for Christmas.

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