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Ashley Sky Wishes You A Merry Sexy Christmas [VIDEO+PHOTOS]


Rumored 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Ashley Sky just came out of left field with the best Christmas-themed photo shoot we’ve seen this year–and it comes to you from Galore Magazine shot by Prince + Jacob. The gracious elves responsible for this gift also were kind enough to provide us with an accompanying video (bottom of post).

If you like what you see from these photos, you should know that Galore has a very NSFW calendar for sale here. The New Year is coming soon.

But back to what we were talking about–Ashley Sky in the Sports Illustrated 2014 Swimsuit Edition. We know from her Sports Daily Casting Call that they’re considering her and some people have even expressed their opinion that the butt we thought was Emily Ratajkowski was actually Ms. Sky (FYI, we stand with our guess).

All the same, the rumors are there and the stage is set. Kate Upton‘s not going to be the main attraction any more (despite our main efforts) and this year could be a breakout year for any one of these models. Wouldn’t that be a great late Christmas gift?

Yes it would but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, here’s the gorgeous Ashley Sky with a selection of the Galore Magazine “Merry Sexy Christmas” photos from Prince + Jacob (plus a few choice others).

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