Rachel Bilson on “Hollywood Game Night” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Rachel Bilson on Hollywood Game Night

(10 PM EST, NBC)

Rachel Bilson is going over to Jane Lynch’s house for the holidays. We’d pay a lot of money to see our fantasy of that. Especially with Brookly Decker along for the night. Sadly, though, we’re talking about a special holiday edition of Hollywood Game Night, where Rachel Bilson and Brooklyn Decker–along with Ray Romano and Brooklyn’s husband Andy Roddick–are playing innocent games in a simulation of Jane’s home.

See Her Tonight has never gotten excited over a game show before, but we’re always ready to get excited over Rachel Bilson. Older readers may remember Rachel as one of the primary sex symbols on the nighttime soap The O.C. Sadly, she then tried to move on to movie stardom in 2008’s Jumper, which bombed big as a particularly notorious failed film franchise. Rachel then returned to the small screen in the unhip series Hart of Dixie–which has still gotten us whistling over ladies like Mircea Monroe, Laura Bell Bundy, and the recurring Nadine Velazquez.

It was still kind of a coin toss over saluting Rachel Bilson or Brooklyn Decker’s seasonal fun tonight–but COED just recently got excited over Brooklyn Decker on The Tonight Show. Besides, did we mention that Brooklyn’s bringing along her husband? Yeah. That’s not very thoughtful. Now get very thoughtful over these bountiful pics of Rachel Bilson, and see if you aren’t inspired to start playing around yourself…

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