More NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders Named: Patriots, Vikings, Rams [PHOTOS]

Three NFL Cheerleaders got an early Christmas present in the shape of a plane ticket, a lei, and an invitation to represent their teams at the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Join me in congratulating Aimee of the St. Louis Rams, Pam of the Minnesota Vikings, and Stephanie of the New England Patriots as they are the three most recent additions to the NFL Cheer Pro Bowl squad.

We’ve gone ahead and added them to our definitive list of Hawaii-bound cheerleaders here, but we thought that we’d take some time to highlight these three lovely women since they’ve worked so hard to get where they are.

So make sure to check out their photos and profiles below, them give them a big internet hug via social media.

Aimee Scheuneman

St. Louis Rams

Years on the team: 3 | Hometown: Edwardsville, IL | Profession: Dance Instructor

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Pamela May

Minnesota Vikings

Years on the team: 5 | Profession: Dance Instructor

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Stephanie Sanchez

New England Patriots

Years on the team: 4 | Hometown: Huntington, NY

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