Batman’s Meltdown In Times Square Is The Video That The Web Deserves

Here’s some quality footage of a street performer pretending to be Batman getting into an altercation with a pedestrian in Times Square. Here’s a breakdown of why we love it.

A) Just like in real life, Batman has issues with the police

B) “Oh, you think the darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted the dark.” = “I know a gangster when I see one!”

C) Spider-Man shows up to give Batman backup. Justice League 2013.

D) The bag that Batman has probably has tons of cool gadgets like: A Nintendo DS, keys to his apartment, and maybe a fleshlight.

E) “That was just performance.” Umm, yeah dude you’re entire shtick is a performance.

F) The Spider Men trying to get Batman to leave so that they can start hustling on his corner.

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