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SNL Highlight: “(Do It On My) Twin Bed” [VIDEO]


The year’s final show of any Saturday Night Live has kind of become the big Christmas variety show for people today. It sure draws in bigger ratings than Lady Gaga could manage with the Muppets this year. Last night’s show with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake was still kind of disappointing. There was a kind of a rushed feel to the whole thing, and maybe we were expecting too much of a Fallon/Timberlake co-hosting job.

At least the cameos from Paul McCartney and Madonna (and NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg) were big enough to have fit into a Saturday Night Live season finale. But the biggest hit of the night was easily “(Do It On My) Twin Bed”–in which the ladies of SNL celebrate the holiday tradition of people having sex in their parents’ homes in childhood bedrooms on inappropriate furniture.

The song (and video) nails all the little details with the uncanny accuracy of a really good Buzzfeed list. The whole thing is really impressive, and we don’t even mind that it’s going to ruin a lot of Christmas couplings when horny young folks can’t help but start laughing during sex because they’re remembering the video.

Maybe it’ll help to watch the video again right now.┬áThat way, you can quickly nod and try to keep the momentum going if a gal interrupts the action by giggling and saying, “Hey, did you see that SNL video about…?” Yeah, it’s probably best to watch the video again and again. It’s like getting immunized…

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