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Madonna’s Hottest Videos On The Anniversary Of ‘Like A Virgin’ [VIDEOS]


Madonna’s hit song “Like A Virgin” hit number 1 on the Billboard charts 29 years ago today. It still stands as one of the most iconic songs of Madonna’s career and one of the most iconic songs in all of pop music. The video is also pretty damn hot even today. To celebrate this song’s anniversary, we put together some of Madonna’s hottest videos that reached number 1 on the charts. Thankfully, she’s had kind of a long career, so we had a lot to choose from.

The video for “Open Your Heart” is about a little boy who wants to go see Madonna dance in a peep show, but the mean, old manager won’t let him. Don’t worry, kid. Pretty soon you’ll have the internet and you won’t have to pay to see people take their clothes off.

In “Like A Prayer” Madonna manages to make churches, gospel choirs and religious statues seem sexy. She took some heat from religious people for the burning crosses and sexuality in the church, but this video is probably not the biggest problem the church has to worry about.

“Vogue” has several shots of Madonna striking poses that pay homage to famous celebrities. It also features her in her iconic cone bra. We’re not really sure why pointy bras are sexy. They actually seem kind of dangerous. Maybe it’s the danger that makes it so sexy.

“Music” has a bunch of hot babes riding in the back of a limo. What’s not to like? It even features Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G. We don’t think he’s sexy, but the scene where he and Madonna end up at the strip club isn’t too bad.

Madonna wears a lot more clothes in “Material Girl” than in some of the other videos that we’ve shown, but she’s still sexy. She’s Madonna. She’d have to try hard not to be.

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