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Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective: Naughty Or Nice Collection [VIDEOS]


It’s incredibly time consuming for Santa to figure out which children have been naughty or nice. Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel has volunteered his services to help speed up this process. Armed with a colander, a buzzer and Guillermo in a fairy costume, Jimmy Kimmel has been getting kids to finally tell the truth about whether they have been good or bad. Kimmel has hooked kids up to this fake lie detector before, but it carries extra weight around Christmas time. Watch these videos and see how much kids lie and how quickly they rat our their siblings when pressed under interrogation.

When asked whether he was naughty or nice, six-year-old Fletcher immediately brought up the bad things that his brother Sammy did to him. Even though Sammy is four, he’s much rougher than Fletcher. Sammy was at least honest enough not to lie about it. Their apology at the end seemed a little forced, so we expect these two to feud for the rest of their lives. Pretty standard stuff for brothers.

Taylor is only seven years old, but the first thing she did is lie right to Jimmy’s face. After that, she got some harsh truths about Santa’s bowel movements. Then she said that she wants to chop her brother’s gifts in half. At least she said she’s trying to learn that it’s better to give gifts than receive them.

Ira is for (or five) years old. He’s not sure because he said his mom didn’t tell him how old he is. With that kind of parenting, it’s no wonder he immediately lied to Jimmy. At this rate, this kid is going to lose so many pennies that he’ll be broke before Christmas.

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