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Jennifer Hawkins: 34 Hottest Pics For Her 30th Birthday [PHOTOS]


Yes, Jennifer Hawkins is turning 30 years old today–and we’re thinking that she’ll handle that decade pretty well. The pretty woman seems to prefer working out of her native Australia, but Jennifer Hawkins is still an international favorite to plenty of guys. An entire universe of guys, in fact, considering that Jennifer was Miss Universe 2004.

She spent her year as Miss Universe in New York City, but Jennifer soon returned to Australia–where she won over her fellow Aussies with a very impressive wardrobe malfunction. Jennifer tripped over her dress,  which caused it to tear from her waist, which gave the crowd a great glimpse of the model in a g-string. Fortunately, there were cameras rolling.

Jennifer handled all that with great style and humor. Australians like that kind of thing, and Jennifer has been staying busy as both a model and television personality. She hosts the Aussie version of America’s Next Top Model–called, um, Australia’s Next Top Model–and has also shown up on the Aussie versions of Dancing With The Stars and Deal Or No Deal. Those are just called Dancing With The Stars and Deal Or No Deal.

Sadly, Jennifer keeps turning down offers from her homeland’s men magazines to pose nude. She’s still willing to doff her clothes in the name of fashion, though. That makes this a very happy birthday for everybody. The horrible news is that Jennifer got married earlier this year, but that kind of thing happens when Miss Universes don’t hang around New York City and get to meet COED editors. Enjoy these pics while we go out and give Gabriela Isler a chance to get lucky…

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