Woman Who Won The Week: Beyonce [PHOTOS]

Was there any doubt that Beyonce would be the Woman Who Won The Week?

Yes, Beyonce released her fifth album “Beyonce” last week, but it’s still making headlines. The album officially sold over 1 million copies on Wednesday, which set a record for iTunes. “Beyonce” has also outperformed new releases form Katie Perry, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. When you’re beating those three all at once, you’re doing pretty good for yourself.

The way in which the album was released has been generating about as much buzz as the album itself. It was a “surprise” release that was initially only available on iTunes as a complete album for $15.99, but you can now buy individual songs on iTunes. The album is expected to be available in major stores soon, but Target has said that it will boycott the album because the excitement of its release has already passed. We’ll have to wait and see if Target caves in, but since Beyonce may have potentially changed the way major albums are released, we’ll say she had a pretty good week.

via Reuters

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