Sexy Snow White Pics For The 76th Anniversary Of ‘Snow White And The Seven Dwarves’ [PHOTOS]

Today in 1937, Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, the first of Walt Disney’s Animated Classics, was released in theaters.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves quickly became one of the most important films in motion picture history. Walt Disney received an Academy Honorary Award at the Oscars for pioneering “a great new entertainment field.” In addition to inspiring Disney to make more animated films, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves directly inspired MGM to create The Wizard of Oz. Even physicist/film critic Albert Einstein thought it was one of the greatest movies ever made.

Although a lot of time has passed since Snow White first premiered, it still resonates with audiences today. Sure, it may not have the same appeal as some of the more recent, computer animated movies. But there are still plenty of sexy Snow White costumes and sexy Snow White cosplay girls to remind everyone of one of the most important films in cinema history.

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